Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Edit or re-translate?

A more common scenario than expected, is that some of our clients, are to be in Edit or translate doubt again a document (article, web page, or legal document) which did not fulfill theirexpectations on the first attempt.
This can be the result of unprofessional to have used an agency, or have needed the translation in a hurry. However, now that the emergency has passed, check the result of the haste, and decidedly does not reach the standards of quality that it would have preferred to reach. So, what is better? Ask a new agency to work on the initial production of another agency, or which directly advocate a new translation, which is finally reach the quality expected to achieve from the outset.

Each situation has, as we can notice, their pros and cons. For example, if you managed to present a Glossary, or at least one list of preferential words in the first instance (especially in technical translations or cultural content), this knowledge is valuable and must hold in the version final. There is a risk in the second attempt that these preferences are forgotten or lost, and in this case, most should make an edit to the initial translation, which take the freedom to create the new text from scratch.
At the same time, if the quality was not accepted in the first version, or if there are many opportunities to improve it, there should be no doubt that the most appropriate would be re - do the translation from scratch. In this way also we will be making sure not to drag any error (spelling or syntactic nature) that has been committed and ignored in the first presentation.
Trusted Translations is responsible for maintaining its standards of quality by exposing each of their projects to - at least - 3 processes: translation, editing and revision.
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